that do not return

to people  that do



In essence the game of retail hasn’t changed, it is still about 


"Selling things that do not return to people that do" 

This proces has been the basis for retail for hundreds of years. But the shoppers journey isn’t straight forward anymore. Customers expect integration of channels and at the same time they demand availability of goods and services where and when they need it. Technology plays a vital role in modern retail. When applied correctly, technology can be one of the enablers to achieve this.



work with us

tND Retail lives and breaths retail. We literarily grew up in a store and understand the retail processes and business. We love to shop and can’t stop talking about concepts, processes and service offerings. Furthermore, we know IT, we talk bits and bytes and like gadgets and apps. We roam the market to fully comprehend the latest technologies and investigate their appliance to the Retail business model.

Never with the focus to introduce technology, but always to optimize results and reach business goals. 


Our approach is pragmatic and to the point. No lengthy reports or extensive researches. Our language is the one you understand and we guarantee this.

tND Retail is your trusted and independent advisor. 


can we do for you


A trusted advisor on board level. Setting ICT strategy, re-organize the technology departments and assess the quality of service and systems in your organisation. 


Set clear ICT strategy, aligned with the overall business strategy with achievable milestones and managable program management. 


Someone that inspires with humor. Can address a large crowd as well as socialize with small workgroups. Talks about ICT in stories and pictures rather than diagrams and bulletpoints



Transforming data and information into actionable knowledge. Bring the information into the decission makers hands.



Is this ICT proposal reflecting a solution to our need? Is the timing realistic and what are the pitfalls? What about the price?



Getting things done. Make sure it works and your people know how to work it. Deliver rather than promise.


is tND Retail


Born a retailer’s son, Jan-Willem’s career has spanned relationship management systems, decision support systems, business intelligence systems and most of all Retail Store Automation.


This has taken him to various management and consulting positions at ACNielsen, BSO/Origin and NCR. In his role as founder of tND Retail, Jan-Willem has consulted with the leaders of a long list of national and international retail chains.


He is considered to be an experienced, hands-on, down to earth, humoristic Digital Transformer with focus on Retail.

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